Consultancy (Only Mail Support)

Annual Subscription (No Monthly Plan)

If you new in E commerce Export & Import business and just need answers of your few queries & doubts , you can opt for our Annual consultancy service .

How it will Work ?

After taking our yearly subscription of Consultancy service you can ask your questions on mail and we will reply you within 24 hours .

Please be specific to your question so that we can able to help you out in best possible way .

We will try to answer as per our knowledge & Experience, it is advisable to refer the current govt policies and regulation before implementing it on real time business .

We are providing this service purely for Educational purpose and we do not take any responsibility of financial or business loss .

Please try to keep your questions specific to E commerce Export or Import. If your questions are specific to any ecommerce portal, Particular Product or courier company we will answer best of our knowledge & Experience .

Maximum 3 Inquiry per day Limit (It is not hard limit just to ensure serious inquiry ) .

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Still have some queries regarding the course ? Fill the below form and we will reply you on mail or Watsapp 7803826151 .

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