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If you new in E commerce Export & Import business and just need answers of your few queries & doubts , you can opt for our Email Query Service .

How it will Work ?

You need to email your queries at ,we will reply with the answer .

Please be specific to your question so that we can able to help you out in best possible way .

First ,we will check your queries and reply with the fee charges which we will be charged.

You need to make the payment in advance and after that ,we will reply within 24 hours .

We will try to answer as per our knowledge & Experience, it is advisable to refer the current govt policies and regulation before implementing it on real time business .

We are providing this service purely for Educational purpose and we do not take any responsibility of financial or business loss .

Please try to keep your questions specific to E commerce Export or Import. If your questions are specific to any ecommerce portal, Particular Product or courier company we will answer best of our knowledge & Experience .

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Still have some queries regarding the course ? Fill the below form and we will reply you on mail or Watsapp 7803826151 .

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